Twitter launched its geolocation API yesterday. ReadWriteWeb wrote about possible uses of  geotaged tweets.

I did some testing yesterday. In my eyes,  a big problem is, that most clients use the default location for all tweets. That means that you get lots of geotagged tweets, but the content is not really in a local context.

I think we need some common local hashtags for filtering to really take advantage of the new geolocation API:

  • #news: For local news and information
  • #drink: For recommendations on bars, pubs, etc.
  • #food: For restaurants, fastfood, etc.
  • #gov: For messages from public authorities
  • #traffic: Traffic information, traffic jams, parking, etc.
  • #music: For information on music, concerts, bands, etc.
  • #party: For parties
  • #movie: For cinema and movie news
  • #museum: For exhibitions and museums
  • #art: For exhibitions, vernissages, etc.
  • #shop: For shopping, offers, vouchers, coupons, etc.
  • #gsales: For garage sales and flea markets

Now your turn: Any more – or better ideas? Comments are very welcome.

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